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Education and Politics in Edith Stein

International Conference of the International Association for the Study of Edith Stein's Philosophy

Edith Stein's reflection on political philosophy is well known from her work An Inquiry into the State (ESGA 7).

Discovering the link between this reflection and his pedagogical writings may offer an answer to the problems arising from the not always easy relationship between Education and Politics.

  • Associated lines:
    • State intervention in education
    • Education policy
    • Manipulation and ideologisation versus education
    • Education of the "masses"?
    • University influence on politics

Prof. Dr. D. Antogio Calcagno

Full Professor of current and contemporary European philosophy, medieval and Renaissance philosophy, and social and political thought at King's University College in Ontario (Canada). Together with Dr. Lofts, he is co-director of the Centre for Advanced Research in European Philosophy (CAREP). His current research focuses on the idea of impasse political impasse as a possible generative moment of thought that offers both resistance and new possibilities of identity. At the same time, he investigates the concepts of psyche and person, especially in Munich phenomenology and in the works of Edith Stein and Gerda Walther. Member of the IASPES.

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