International Conference of the International Association for the Study of Edith Stein's Philosophy

Welcome to the 7th International Conference of the IASPES - Thinking Education: Edith Stein!

The International Association for the Study of the Philosophy of Edith Stein (IASPES), the Catholic University "Sta. Teresa de Jesús" Catholic University of Avila (UCAV) and the Fray Luis de León University Teaching School (Valladolid), in collaboration with the Edith Stein Institute of Philosophy (Granada), the German Embassy in Spain, the Edith Stein Society - Germany, Catholic Schools - Castilla y León (Valladolid), the Centro Internacional Teresiano-Sanjuanista (Ávila) and the San Dámaso University (Madrid) invite all those interested in questions related to education and in Edith Stein's philosophy to participate in the VII International Congress of the IASPES - IASPES - Germany. Thinking about education: Edith Stein on 6, 7 and 8 October 2023 in Ávila (Spain), in a double modality, face-to-face and virtual.

The aim of the IASPES has been to keep the interest in the philosophical legacy of Edith Stein (1891-1942) alive. Today, the association has around seventy members from four continents (America, Asia, Australia and Europe). 

The first conference was held in 2011 in Maynooth (Ireland). Since then, it has been held every two years, alternating between the European continent - Maynooth (Ireland, 2011), Heiligenkreuz and Vienna (Austria, 2015), Cologne (Germany, 2019) - and America - London (Canada, 2013), Portland (USA, 2017), Mexico (Mexico, 2021). 

In this seventh edition, which will be hosted for the first time by Spain in Avila, the aim will be to address Edith Stein's thoughts on education in depth. Indeed, in the light of the Delors Report to UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for the 21st century (1996), which stressed the importance of education for the development of peoples, and in contrast to the problems of our time, the question arises as to whether education is the key to development. what education achieves this end. Edith Stein, who experienced first-hand the consequences of the National Socialist regime in the 20th century, was able to confront with her intellectual contribution the manipulation of consciences and the distortion of truth brought about by the totalitarian system's methods of ideologisation. Her philosophy, in this sense, has a perennial value, because of its defence of the dignity of the human person in his identity, in his uniqueness and in his freedom, having, therefore, a high potential to respond to current questions.

The Conference is structured around five thematic axes that seek to bring together the different dimensions of the educational challenge centred on the person:

  • Education, Anthropology and Psychology in Edith Stein
  • Edith Stein's Theory of Education
  • Education and Politics in Edith Stein 
  • Education and Religion in Edith Stein 
  • Biographical, philological, historico-philosophical, critico-textual, comparative, sociological and theoretico-literary studies related to Stein's philosophy of education.

We invite all researchers from all over the world to attend the Conference and to submit a paper proposal along the lines of the above-mentioned thematic axes.

Prof. P. Thomas Gricoski (OSB)

Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology, (Saint Meinrad, Indiana, USA)

Prof. Dr. Sara Gallardo González 

Director of the "Sta. Teresa de Jesús" Chair of Women's Studies and Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Bioethics and Training (Catholic University of Avila, Spain).

Prof. Dr. Dña. Miriam Ramos Gómez

Coordinator of the Degree in Primary Education Teaching (EUM Fray Luis de León, Valladolid, Spain).

Call for papers

Call for papers

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