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Edith Stein's Theory of Education

International Conference of the International Association for the Study of Edith Stein's Philosophy

In order to be clear about the topic at hand, it is important to clarify the fundamental concepts with which the Steinian philosophy of education operates. Therefore, researchers are encouraged to delve deeper into the author's pedagogical writings (ESGA 16, OC IV).

  • Associated lines:
    • Training, education and teaching
    • Subjects of the educational act
    • Self-education and self-training
    • Institutional actors involved in education and their mission: Family, School, Church.
    • Training of educators


Prof. Dr. Anna Maria Pezzella

Professor of Philosophy at the Lateran University (Vatican City). Secretary of the Centro Ricerche e Studi E. Stein, Rome. She collaborates periodically with the magazines Aquinas, Segni e Comprensione and Phenomenological Inquiry, published by The World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning, Belmont, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Editor of the website www.centrostudiedithstein.it for the diffusion and knowledge of E. Stein's thought. She has published several works on philosophy of education from a phenomenological perspective. Member of the IASPES.

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